Gateway To Success

At Gateway Capital, we understand that it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to execute on great ideas without capital, including human capital. Which is why we invest at the earliest of stages.

The intent is to assist entrepreneurs with achieving early traction by providing pre-seed or seed capital, as well as access to much-needed resources and networks.

Do Well & Do Good

Gateway Capital aims to generate double bottom line returns to investors by seeking investment opportunities within low-to-moderate income (LMI) communities.

We’re interested in connecting with entrepreneurs from, startups operating in, and/or startups that positively impact LMI communities.

The Grind

We partner with tenacious entrepreneurs; critical thinkers that are resilient and resourceful. We seek those that are willing to grind for the opportunity to create generational wealth.

Our intention is to better Milwaukee by cultivating an ecosystem of successful founders and investors – of all different backgrounds. And while we are industry agnostic, we tend to really get excited about “real” problems that have the potential to not only scale economically, but also have a lasting impact.

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